Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Committee

Meeting Agenda 01/26/2017

Radio station Conference Room

  1. Intros-Raffle tickets-Sign  In
  1. Status of FM Station
    1. Request  for funding  for upgrade from Class C to Class approved in 2017 budget.
    2. What will this mean? Next steps? Role of Advisory committee?
    3. 2016 year end report-completion of Goals and goals for 2017:
      1. Input?
      2. How can advisory committee members assist and support?
  2. Status of Community Volunteers and Staffing
    1. Still need volunteers to screen donated CDs for content and duplications and new music from licensed supplier- remember volunteer hours commitment for committee members….
    2. Volunteer of Year
    3. Active volunteers?  Departing and New  volunteers?   New language contributors?
    4. Make up of Advisory Committee? Changes  suggested?
  1. Updates  re programming /operations/content
    1.  programming updates- NV1 (Trahandt Report;) Read on Hualapai; will be adjusting programming for unattended shows, drive at 5 for duane?
    2. Advertising/Sponsorship Updates-
      1. Market, Lodge and River Runners: new CEO and contract delays
      2. Brendan Cinema renewed
      3. Dan working on Oxendale Motors, Flagstaff and Mattress Land & Furniture, Kingman
      4. I am going to approach several print places for trade contract                             
      5. Status of  Billboards –bid accepted; issue about year of funding applicable
      6. D. status of building punch list and exterior-plans
  1.  Other
    1. Status of youth programming-BGC/Probation/WIA-
      1. Collaboration with BGC secured for 2017-will do a memo of understanding- increased youth participation and trade.
      2.  Music Library Update
      3. Meetings this year
      4. Other?
      5. Raffle winner