Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes 04/22/2020

Via Zoom Video Conferencing


Those in attendance were: Terri Hutchens, host/station manager; Keith Kintner, engineering representative; Bonita Imus, community, culture and language representative; Wanda Quasula, show host and law enforcement representative.


The minutes of the 1/23/2020 meeting were approved.

Terri reported on the status of the station. The FCC issued the license upgrade on March 24. 2020. The STL license will be applied for next. The FCC postponed the due date for the 1st quarter report to July 10, 2020 due to COVID 19. The station has continued functioning as an essential service; with both Terri and DanO performing tasks for the Incident Command Team related to educating the community regarding CCOVID 19, proper precaution and prevention steps and related actions being taken by team and Council and GCRC.

Terri reported on the Status of Community Volunteers  and Events. All show hosts stopped doing shows at time of shut down. Terri purchased and distributed 6 recorders and encourages home recording and digital submissions. Pastor Steve resumed shows regularly, despite personal COVID loss. He is recording on his phone and sending recordings and show plans via email. We dispensed with the regular volunteer meetings/ trainings and Incentive practices, although we did attempt to hold them via Zoom. They were poorly attended.


Terri reviewed the Advisory Committee member volunteer time requirement and options to meet this were discussed.


Terri reported regarding events: Since the last meeting, the station did host a dance at the Boys and Girls Club for Valentine’s Day, but all March and April events were cancelled due to COVID 19. The station participated in an alternative Earth Day contest with Council. There are no upcoming events for the foreseeable future. Council intends to cancel all due to COVID 19

The general programming schedule has not changed.

Terri reported there are no real changes re programming /operations/staffing/content/ads& sponsorship. The current programming includes considerably more PSAs regarding COVID 19. Most non-COVID 19 PSAs were pulled. Station promos were pulled and those and most event promo spots have been filled with info regarding COVID 19 closures, press releases and Council Resolution narrations.

AZ news has added 3 daily COVID19 only segments, which we are broadcasting, so long as they send them. We have also added a new 5 minuet show week days at 11 45: - Indian Country News, produced by the former Trahandt Report host, out of the Cronkite school of Journalism at ASU.

Terri reported regarding staffing. The Operations position is now open. It was filled as an emergency hire in mid-March; staff came in two partial days and then indicated they were not presently able to come in for several reasons. We will need a new Field Operator soon. Matt lives in Las Vegas, has a full time job at some government towers outside of Pahrump and has 3-part time radio jobs. He was to let go of two of the radio stations, including us. Our smaller trade advertisers are on hold due to loss of business related to COVID 19 shut downs. Enco transition is on hold for the same reason. We had an excellent WIOA worker placed with us, but that ended with COVID 19 shut down. There is no other youth or community service activities going on, also due to COVID.


Keith Kitner won the attendance raffle. The next meeting will be via Zoom on July 15 at noon.