Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Committee

Meeting Agenda 07/15/2020

Via Zoom Video Conferencing


I.                     Intros if applicable-Raffle tickets-Sign  In

II.                   Approve minutes of 4/22/2020 meeting

III.                 Status of FM Station

A.      Completion of Upgrade – License Issued and Posted

B.      FCC Quarterly Reports filed

C.      Resolution of Signal disruption issues- equipment purchased - application for license delayed due to COVID 19

D.      Functioning as Essential Service

IV.                Status of Community Volunteers  and Events

A.      Volunteers

B.      Advisory Committee Membership and volunteer time reminder

C.      Events:

1.       participated in since last meeting (will list)

2.       Upcoming Events-  none scheduled due to COVID 19

V.                  Updates re programming /operations/staffing/content/ads& sponsorship

A.      Current  programming-

VI.                New content

VII.               Staffing:

VIII.             Advertising/Sponsorship Update- all on hold due to COVID, but participating in webinars about resuming

IX.                 ENCO -  on hold due to COVID 19

X.                   Other

A.      Status of youth programming-BGC/Probation/WIA- None due to COVID

B.      Music Library Update

C.      Other?

D.      Raffle Winner

E.       Next meetings