Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Committee

Meeting Agenda 04/22/2020

Via Zoom Video Conferencing


I.                     Intros if applicable-Raffle tickets-Sign  In

II.                   Approve minutes of 1/23/2020 meeting (handout-1 – already emailed)

III.                 Status of FM Station

A.      Completion of Upgrade – License Issued and Posted

B.      FCC Quarterly Reports due April 10, 2020  were postponed til July 2020 due to COVID 19

C.      Resolution of Signal disruption issues- equipment purchased  - application for license delayed due to COVID 19

D.      Functioning as Essential Service

IV.                Status of Community Volunteers  and Events

A.      Volunteers of month :  Jan, Feb and March/April 2020

B.      Changes in volunteers: none

C.      Advisory Committee Membership and volunteer time reminder

D.      Events participated in since last meeting  ( will list)

E.       Upcoming  Events-  none scheduled due to COVID 19

V.                  Updates  re programming /operations/staffing/content/ads& sponsorship

A.      Current  programming-

1.       MANY more PSAs and announcements re COVID

VI.                New content:  have added daily 11:45- Indian Country News

VII.               Staffing:

A.      Operations position now open-  filled 2 days and now vacant

B.      Need to be search for Field Operator

VIII.             Advertising/Sponsorship Update- all  on hold due to COVID, but participating in webinars about resuming

IX.                 ENCO!!! ( Update from Dan)

X.                   Other

A.      Status of youth programming-BGC/Probation/WIA- None due to COVID

B.      Music Library Update- None due to COVID

C.      Raffle Winner

D.      Next meetings