Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes 07/15/2020

Via Zoom Video Conferencing

Those attending were: Terri Hutchens, radio station; Keith Kintner, retired broadcast engineer; Lyndee Hornell, show host and cultural dept; Wanda Quasula, show host and law enforcement; Rebecca Rice, I.H.S. liaison; Amelia Sullivan, Boys and Girls Club. Absent were: Earlene Havatone, Council liaison; Rosemary Sullivan, Community and Education; Trena Bizardi, H.E.W.; Bonita Imus, Community and Language.

The minutes of the 4/22/2020 meeting were approved by those in attendance of that meeting.

Terri reported on the status of the FM station. The upgraded license was issued by the F.C.C. on 3/24/2020. Some adjustments need to be made at the tower to go to full power as the present generator won’t be able to handle it during power outages. (Keith provided some information about this, as well.) The STL license application was filed in early May. The F.C.C. has not yet acted on it.

Terri filed both the 1st and 2nd quarter public interest reports with the F.C.C. They are quite voluminous due to the increased number of COVID 19 related PSAs event promos and other services and announcements. They are available in the Public File for review. The station has been functioning as an essential service for the Council appointed COVID 19 incident command team. It has recently simmered down to one daily count update, broadcasting the Council meeting’s live and Resolution narrations, which is more manageable with regular station tasks.

Terri reported on the status of community volunteers and events. All events have been cancelled since mid-March and there are none planned in the foreseeable future. The station has hosted two live memorial service/ wake sings which seemed to be well received and “attended” by listeners and a couple other memorial/dedication hours for other Tribal members who have passed, based on Community request. Both wake sings have involved issues with participants not complying with precautions or unapproved people showing up. Volunteer participation has dwindled considerably. Pastor Steve continues weekly shows. Getta, Arnell and Tina have submitted some shows, but irregularly. The station purchased 6 recorders and chips and distributed to some volunteers and content providers and have been encouraging using them or phones to submit shows digitally. Meetings have continued via zoom, but been poorly attended. There isn’t a meal, but there are still incentives. Suggestions for regrouping and encouraging participation were requested.

Terri announced the new Tribal Council liaison to the Advisory Committee Membership was Earlene Havatone, replacing Clay Bravo who ended his term. She also reminded members of the volunteer time commitment and that there was a lot of music needed to be screened and noted several people had attended any meetings this year, so perhaps should reconsider participation…

Terri gave updates re programming /operations/staffing/content/ads& sponsorship. With programming and content: Down to the Roots is reruns, as the host is taking a break due to COVID 19; We played three additional COVID specific AZ News reports daily during the 6 weeks they were releasing them. We added a week day 5 minute segment to the roster: Indian country News, which is produced by the same man who did the Trahandt report for NV1. It is playing at 11:45 a. week days. For some time, we pulled all other subject matter PSAs, show and station promos and ran only the COVID related items to flood the community with information, but have gradually been adding spots on other issues, such as the Census and other Native American Health Issues. Terri added over 40 new PSAs in July and they included several related to seasonal issues, including several new ones done by Rebecca Rice. Advertising has come to a halt due to Covid, even with some trade agreements. Transition to Enco is on hold due to the shift to COVID and ICT related priorities and we will likely have to back up and restart with some of it.

There are no youth specific pieces of programming or activities going on at this time due to COVID, other than Arnell submitting his shows occasionally. His scholarship was put on hold by the ABA until Fall. We hope he’ll be able to do it by then. Other staff: Billie was out for a month for mandatory discipline and the Operations Assistant position is vacant and subject to the present hiring freeze. The WIA worker went home in mid-March for the OVID 19 admin and we understand will not be returning. The music library has been a low priority. We received a box of donated Country CDs that need to be screened; a CD from Native artist Billy Simard; purchased some requested music for the memorial services; some patriotic music for the holiday programming and some KPOP music for Arnell’s show. It will move higher on the list in this next quarter.

Members attending had no other matters, questions, comments or concerns. The raffle winner is Amelia Sullivan and she received an embroidered face mask.

The next meeting should be October 15, 2020 at noon; likely via Zoom. If there are some community activities for Hualapai Days during the last week of September, the Advisory Committee members are always asked to participate with the radio station, if possible.