Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Committee

Meeting Agenda 01/23/2020

KWLP Conference Room


I.                     Intros if applicable-Raffle tickets-Sign  In

II.                   Approve minutes of 10/23/2019 meeting (handout-1)

III.                 Status of FM Station

A.      Completion of Upgrade

B.      FCC Quarterly Reports and Ownership Reports Timely filed.

C.      Resolution of Signal disruption issues- STL installation in works  

IV.                Status of Community Volunteers  and Events

A.      Volunteers of month : Oct, Nov and Dec and Volunteer of Year ( hand out 2)

B.      Changes in volunteers: none

C.      Advisory Committee Membership and volunteer time

D.      Events participated in since last meeting  ( handout 3)

E.       Upcoming  Events- with which we may need assistance ( handout 3)

1.       Health Dept programs (KWLP) will be presenting at Community Meeting 2/23


V.                  Updates  re programming /operations/staffing/content/ads& sponsorship

A.      Current  programming-  updated schedule ( handout 4)

B.      New content: none since last meeting: Country Show and AZ Public News planned.

C.      Staffing:

1.        Admin Assistant position open- interviews held- plans/input?

2.       Operations position now open- should be posted shortly

D.      Advertising/Sponsorship Update- all up for renewal

E.       ENCO!!!

VI.                Other

A.      Status of youth programming-BGC/Probation/WIA- contacted about adult WIA placement interested in admin and operations.

B.      Music Library Update- (handout 5 )

C.      2020 Budget approved all but request for equipment $10,000- no reason. If we need equipment –we’ll need to address it at that time

D.      Raffle Winner

E.       Next meetings