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Monday to Friday 12:00PM to 1:00pm

HHR Native Noon Hour



Have lunch with local DJWanda J! brought to you by:


           The Hualapai River Runners


where culture, pride and tradition soar down the mighty Colorado River!   


Every weekday from noon to 1:00pm, you’ll enjoy… an hour of only native artists: local and national, traditional and contemporary. The hour begins with Arizona Radio News and includes Hualapai Word and Phrase of the Day; Native Comedy, Native Voice One programs “Word with a Champ” and “The Trahandt Report,” as well as Wanda’s special perspective on the weather and regional and national native news events, Pow Wow schedules, Community and Indian Rodeo updates!


Wanda J is always open to local shout outs and requests. Join her! Call her! Text her. Follow her on her Facebook page, Wanda J. You’re guaranteed a good time, food for thought and some awesome Native music! 
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NATIVE NOON HOUR is Brought to you by
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