DJ Bloom!

Jessica Orozco is the Range Specialist for the Hualapai Tribe Department of Natural Resources. She was born and raised in California. Jessica considers herself an “Urban NDN”, because  she was not raised on the Rez.  She is ½ Navajo and ½ Irish/Polish /Portuguese/Mutt. She got her Bachelor’s degree in botany from San Francisco State University, and a Master’s degree in Botany from Claremont Graduate University. If you can’t tell, she likes plants!! That explains her on air name: DJ Bloom!

As the Range Specialist Jessica goes out and monitors the health of rangelands and the surrounding environment on the Hualapai Reservation. She will be giving updates on what she finds in the field, as well as sharing other interesting information and events being brought to the community by the Natural Resources Dept.  Jessica’s other interests include singing and dancing to all kinds of music while driving, shopping, walking, working, pretty much anywhere! She is very energetic and passionate about everything she does.

Jessica is excited to share her passion for music and the natural world with Peach listeners every Tuesday beginning at 3:00p.m. during Alternative Oasis.