DJ Boots

Roselyn Jackson Wescogome, “Rosie,” is an enrolled Hualapai Tribal member. She is a volunteer community member DJ at the Peach. She represents her Tribe and other Pai people as Pai Woman 2014-2015.  Rosie is the daughter of Leroy Bender and Sylvia Jackson.  Her grandparents are Emmett Bender, of the Hualapai Mountain Band, Etna Butler Bender of the Big Sandy River Band, Robert Jackson of the Milkweed Springs Band and Jeannie Jackson of the Plateau Band.  She is honored to share her passion for Hualapai tradition and culture through the radio venue, which is consistent with oral tradition. She feels it is important to share a healing and encouraging message, so culture and tradition may be preserved despite the changing times. Rosie believes a huge part of Hualapai culture is Rez bands: country western bands from back in the day made up of Native Americans. So, she brings reggae music to your drive home on Live at Five every Thursday at 5:00 pm.