DJ Sylvia Jackson


sylvia fade

DJ Sugarbear, aka Sylvia Jackson, was born and raised in Peach Springs, Arizona: Hak te gweva! She is mother of five children:  Roselyn, Billy, Doc, Camarillo and Sana. Sylvia has Twenty-five, YES , 25 grandchildren and one great- grandchild. Sylvia makes traditional jewelry and sells as a vendor at Grand Canyon West. Sylvia enjoys sewing, singing, country and bird dancing and spending time enjoying the Colorado River and the Canyon Walls. She also takes pleasure in being a storyteller and sharing information about the Hualapai Culture.

In her spare time, Sylvia has joined the community volunteer DJs at KWLP. She is grateful for the opportunity to host The Classic Country Hour every Wednesday afternoon at 2:00pm; Rez Cowboy Radio  every Wednesday at 2:00pm; and Monday Memories, Mondays 3:00 to 5:00pm and share her love of Country Music and  wealth of knowledge about the songs and artists with her hometown Peach Springs community and all “Peach” listeners.